Fake Watch Tag Heuer Formula 1 Replica

tag heuer formula 1 replica

Tag Heuer Formula 1 Replica was addicted to the precision of time. When he established his own factory in 1860, he set the only goal for himself: to bring the time measurement to a higher level. From then on, his factory stood on the advanced position in the watch manufacture field, including its skills, material and design. Next, let’s have an overlook on the memorabilias of TAG Heuer watches to have a deep understanding about that how TAG Heuer changes the time into art.

In 1860, the founder of tag heuer formula 1 replica sale founded a watch making factory in at St-Imier, Swiss. After two decades development, TAG Heuer watches begin its splendid history. It get the first timing invent patent in 1882, and then in 1887, TAG Heuer get the shock gear patent which is till applied for the mechanical watch today. TAG Heuer recommended the first automobile instrument watch in 1911, and this was the beginning of the TAG Heuer watch relates to the automobile. And then TAG Heuer invented a stopwatch – Micrograph, which can reach 1/100 second. From 1920 to 1928, Tag Heuer Replica Watches was the exclusive timepiece for the Antwerp, Paris and Amsterdam Olympics. Then it recommended the first racing automobile instrument watch – Autavia in 1933. The Mareograph recommended in 1950, and it titled Seafarer in America which fixed with the tide indicator and timing function.

The famous and hot sale tag heuer formula 1 replica watches recommended in 1964, which named after the racing competition of “Carrera Panamericana Mexico”. TAG Heuer recommended the Chronomatic watch with the Monaco theme; this is the first automatic timepiece which adopted the micro-rotor. From 1971 to 1979, TAG Heuer was the official timepiece of the Scuderia Ferrari Team in the F1 racing. Then in 1975, TAG Heuer recommended the first quartz wrist- Chronograph in the world. In 1987, it created the S/el Collection which was the revolutionary leisure watches. TAG Heuer became the official timepiece of the world cup in 1989. TAG Heuer joined the world’s biggest luxury goods group LVHM, and began to a new fashion legend in the watch field.